Every year I say I am going to dedicate more time to blogging and every year I struggle. 2017 was no exception. Last year I struggled with sharing too much and not sharing enough to create beneficial content. I'm awful at taking pictures, becoming increasingly impatient when a great shot doesn't come out on the … Continue reading MY TOP FIVE PLACES OF 2017.


Southern Charm in Savannah, GA

Spanish Moss trees, Southern Mansions, and a history that dates back to 1773 are just a few of the reasons that Savannah, Georgia has been on the top of my must see cities for as long as I can remember. With just a few short days and a jammed packed agenda, I worried my best … Continue reading Southern Charm in Savannah, GA


I’ve been MIA on this blog all year. This year, while not yet over, has been a really big growth year for me. I moved out of my parent’s house for the first time and moved in with my boyfriend. I dedicated my time to making our place a home, spending quality time together, and … Continue reading #30by30


My Top Five Places of 2016.

As I unpack my bag from my three week trip, and repack my bag for my first trip of 2017, I cannot help but reflect on the awesome adventures that I embarked on this year. The best part of these adventures was that most of them were not planned until the last minute, just the way … Continue reading My Top Five Places of 2016.


How I Spent 24 Hours in Dublin.

When I first arrived in Dublin, exhausted and super jet lagged, I was less than impressed. It was more modern than I had anticipated and I made the dreadful mistake of stopping by the Guinness Storehouse first. It was a museum (not a factory) and it was so crowded! With that being said, the beer … Continue reading How I Spent 24 Hours in Dublin.


Why I did Iceland all Wrong (& How A Solo Trip Helped Me Recharge).

On an unusually warm night in June, I was scrolling through Facebook when an AD stood out to me. In big bold letters it read,“Round trip to Iceland…” and the rest was history. Feeling completely uninspired at the time, I checked my calendar, and booked a trip. I told very few people that I would be … Continue reading Why I did Iceland all Wrong (& How A Solo Trip Helped Me Recharge).


What Brave Means to Me.

Recently, I was telling someone how I thought me traveling alone was brave. While I didn’t expect a “congratulations,” or a “you’re so brave,” their reaction really took me by surprise. They looked at me, dead serious, and said “That’s not brave.” Wow. Ouch. Of course, that comment got me thinking. Bravery, to me, means … Continue reading What Brave Means to Me.