The Not So Funny Truth.

There is nothing I love more than exploring. Nothing. Actually … maybe playing with my dog, but I can honestly say that would be the only thing more fun to me than exploring a new city, meeting new people, and eating awesome food. If every store and hotel were pet friendly I would be living in a perfect world.


(Hi Luca!)

The second best thing to me is flying. I genuinely love flying. Take off, landing, talking to the people who sit next to me, turbulence. I love it all.


With that said, I have learned an incredible amount on my journeys, and I think it’s time I vocalize what I’ve learned.

I can do it all – but not well.

I travel, I run, I work out, I socialize, I work (full time and part time) – I do a million and one things. But, I will be the first to admit, the more I try to do the more one aspect of my life suffers. I continue to run, but my race times keep getting longer. I continue to socialize, but I can only make one out of every fifteen events I am invited to. I continue to love the same sweet guy, but I can only see him on weekends (when I’m not working my second job). The more I pile onto my plate, the more I need to take that time away from something or someone else.

While this is a negative, I have learned in this process the importance of time management.

I can try to live an average life, but my lifestyle is not average.

In the process of trying to do it all I have completely burned myself out. Fly home Friday night – to get in at midnight (If I’m lucky), wake up early Saturday morning to attend an event, then work until 8:30 PM, to then spend time with family and/or friends. Same thing on Sunday, but Sunday involves unpacking and repacking a suitcase.

While I continue to try to do it all – I realize sometimes I just need to say no. I love you, but no I cannot attend your birthday party. I am just getting in from California and I DESPERATELY need sleep.


Nothing is as good as it seems … Except for traveling the world. That is as good as it seems.

I have spent years missing out on events. Birthday parties, baptisms, get-togethers, races, etc. And in the beginning I was concerned that I was genuinely missing out. Would everyone become best friends without me? This was a question that once plagued my mind. But as I continued traveling, and making friends, and seeing new places I realized, even if they were becoming best friends without me (and they weren’t), I was the lucky one.

That when I was home and was able to attend all of these events, I was wishing I was in Europe eating amazing pizza, climbing the stairs of an old bell tower, or just listening to the sounds of different languages. I was wishing, that instead of being lost in Connecticut, I wanted to be lost in China all over again. I realized that when I was home, my mind always wondered to my previous adventures or to my next adventures, but when I was away my mind barely ever wandered to Connecticut.

My relationship with people will change.

While my relationship is changing with my family and friends, it is changing in a good way. Talking on the phone has become more important than texting, FaceTime has become a Godsend, and sitting at home watching crappy TV with my parents on a Friday is all of a sudden one of my favorite things to do.

Not everyone is going to understand my lifestyle and that’s okay. I don’t understand your lifestyle either.

“How is traveling? Doesn’t it get exhausting?” Are two questions I typically get back to back. Quickly followed with an “I would hate to be traveling that much.” While I normally follow with an “It’s good,” and a “Yeah, it can be exhausting.” What I really want to say is GOOD! I am SO happy you would hate to be traveling this much, because if everyone loved traveling as much as I do, I am sure I would be in a much different situation than I am in now. Sometimes, I even want to throw in there that I would hate to be sitting at the same desk everyday 9:00-5:00 , but that would be so rude of me (so please note – it is rude of you too)!

Home is not a place. It’s where your loved ones are.

When I am away I find myself thinking, not about Connecticut, but about my family, my dog, and my friends. The people I love could be anywhere and that would be considered home to me. So secretly, I am constantly wishing that my family will end up in Italy 🙂 Never say never.



One thought on “The Not So Funny Truth.

  1. Deb Hansen says:

    Eloquently stated Dyella~~you have a carefree, adventuresome spirit. Love your outlook on life. The destiny is what one makes of it. Keep grabbing the bull be the horns and doing what makes Dyella happy. You rock!!

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