Secrets to Packing Incredibly Light.

In the words of my father, “Is that going to be enough for two weeks?”  The honest answer is probably not, but no one ever died from wearing the same outfit twice, and I am sure if I looked hard enough I could find someone who died from carrying luggage that was way too heavy.

How many of us have been on vacation before, packed multiple bags, only to find we wore the same two outfits over and over and over again? Yeah? Me too!

Here are five simple tips on how to pack light:

  1. Start with a small bag and size up if you need to.

It almost works like money. If you only bring $50 out, you can’t spend $100, right? Same with a bag. If you have a small bag you can’t pack your entire closet!

I prefer small carry-on bags with wheels. A small bag can still be incredibly heavy (Vera Bradley tote bags anyone?) and they’re so convenient when you need to dash across a massive airport to catch a connection.

2. Basics are your best friend.

No, really. They are your BEST FRIEND. White shirt, Black shirt, plain jeans, Black slacks, and a little black dress and you have outfits for the ENTIRE WEEK.

Do you know HOW MUCH you can do with a basic white shirt and black shirt? If not, that’s okay. I didn’t know until recently. White shirt paired with black slacks is a totally different look then a black shirt with black slacks.

  1. Scarves can do wonders.

If you’re not a fan of basics, (which again I wasn’t until recently) fun scarves can make a plain outfit look like a million bucks. No one will say, “Hey, didn’t you wear that black shirt yesterday?” but they will say “I LOVE your scarf. Where did you get it?”

Best part of scarves? They’re appropriate for all seasons and take up barely any room in your suitcase.

        4Wear your bulkiest attire while traveling.

I like to run and I am ALWAYS (always is an understatement if you know me) cold. So sneakers and a sweatshirt are never an option. They are necessities when I travel.

My sneakers and my sweatshirt alone can take up a lot of room in my suitcase so I always wear one of the two, if not both, while traveling.

If I am traveling to a cold climate, I wear my boots while traveling and pack my sneakers.

For me this is a win/win since airplanes can be FREEZING! Comfortable travel ensures the perfect start and end to a trip.

  1. Your toiletries will probably (and should probably) take up the most room in your bag.

At home, most of us have routines, when it comes to our personal hygiene/skin care/hair care, etc. Why should that ever change when we are on the road?

If you use a face cleaner, face serum, and face lotion – DEFINITELY bring those with you while traveling! Toothpaste, floss, and mouthwash? Always needed. If you have hair like mine – dry and curly – I need to bring shampoo and conditioner (the hotel conditioner doesn’t do a thing for my hair!), coconut oil, hairspray, and gel. Lotion and sunscreen are also necessities. See where I am going with this?

Throw in my perfume, a hair brush, body soap, a razor, my vitamins and medicine, make up remover, plus my makeup and you have a packed toiletry bag!

This my awesome friends, is how I manage to travel for weeks on end with a little red suitcase. What are your secrets?



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