How I Spent 24 Hours in Dublin.

When I first arrived in Dublin, exhausted and super jet lagged, I was less than impressed. It was more modern than I had anticipated and I made the dreadful mistake of stopping by the Guinness Storehouse first. It was a museum (not a factory) and it was so crowded! With that being said, the beer was amazing, but it made me even sleepier. After a short stop at The Brazen Head (the oldest pub in Dublin) my friend and I headed back to Malahide where we spent the next week.

There was so much I wanted to see in Dublin. I was determined to get at least some of it done, so seven days after my first attempt I headed back to Dublin. This time I was “staying” in Dublin at the Abbey Hostel. It was the perfect location and I “shared” a nice sized room with three other girls.


On my must see list was:

  • Trinity College / Trinity Library
  • Dublin Castle
  • Patrick’s Cathedral
  • Temple Bar
  • The Brazen Head Pub (Done day one)
  • Guinness Storehouse (Done day one)

Dublin is a fairly small city and you can do all of the above in one day.  I started my day by going to Trinity College. The library was a priority. If I left Dublin with only seeing the library, I would have left a happy girl. I explored the beautiful campus, watched a soccer match, and stood on the long line to get into the library. TIP: Buy tickets online to skip the line. While the line was long, it was worth it for a girl who has loved books her entire life.

From Trinity College, I took a left, looking for Dublin Castle, and walked right onto Grafton Street. Ireland’s world famous shopping street! While I wasn’t in the mood to shop (I was a girl on a mission on a timeline), I did stop in the Disney Store (of course), and I did stop to see some of the awesome street art. My favorite being a band called The Scratch. I watched the band for about half hour before I remembered, I was a girl on a mission on a timeline, and … I was lost!


Since I was lost, I did what I hate doing most and I pulled out my map. I walked in what I thought was the right direction – stopped in few shops, ate lunch, and finally found Dublin Castle.  The castle grounds reminded me of Prague Castle and Wawel Castle on a much smaller scale. I was feeling incredibly cheap so I opted out of going inside.

From Dublin Castle I walked to St. Patrick’s Cathedral only to find out it was closed due to graduation ceremonies.  Believe it or not, I wasn’t that bummed about it. I instead chose to relax in the church gardens for a bit. I am the sleepiest person I know  so I take full advantage of anywhere I can nap.

At this point I could have easily gone to the Guinness Storehouse (but I had already done that the first day) and I could have ended the day with dinner at The Brazen Head Pub (but again, I had already done that the first day). Instead, I headed right to Bachelors Walk and bought a donut at The Rolling Donut . For those of you from Connecticut, it’s comparable to Donut Crazy. After a donut and coffee I was ready to continue on with my night.  I concluded my day’s adventures with questionable sunset pictures taken from the Ha’Penny Bridge.

Now, after a full day of adventures I went to my hostel, changed my clothes and met up with new friends. We went out in the Temple Bar area and had a BLAST! Not much compares to being in Ireland, in a small dive bar, with live Irish music. I would say that was the highlight of my trip.

I had a taxi picking me up at 4:00 AM to take me to the airport so I thought it would be a good idea to stay out until 3:45 AM, pick up my bags, and head home. Almost two months later, and I am still catching up on the sleep I lost that night.


ALWAYS both.

While your Dublin priorities may be different than mine, with the right planning, you can surely see most of it in 24 hours!


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